About Me


Creating images is an exploration of profound understanding of what I have lived or learned but haven’t made fully conscious. Through the creative process I build my visual narrative walking between past and present, gathering memories, collective concepts, and daily events. This helps me to pass beyond simplistic forms and concepts to find or create symbols, metaphors, and myths that can embody an action or relationship.

It is a visual game that is intolerant of contrived perfection or inhibitions. There are no restrictions with respect to techniques, mediums, or incorporated elements; the source and evolution of my imagery are instinctive. I bring forth figures and symbols ready to dance in a visual way to conceptualize space/time, action/reaction, assemblage/chaos, and conflict/passion dichotomies. In this process, I recognize universal quests, verities, and eternal changes that help me to grasp an understanding of our individual as well as social humanity.

I hope that when encountering my journey with these visualized processes, the observer will share in, but also depart from mine to experience their own reflections.

Javier Chalini

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